From primitive civilization to the sophistication of Broadway, dance has always been a basic form of expression. My goal has been to make it available to a wider audience as a way of bringing beauty and enjoyment to a troubled world. By teaching dance, my hope is to inspire students to discover pleasure in movement as it relates to music. By choreographing and directing productions each year, they are exposed to the hard work and transforming experience of performing on stage.  Encouraging more people to take part, either as dancer, or spectator, is my way of contributing to richer and more fulfilled lives.  Dance is not just for the professionals. It is for everyone, adding another dimension to everyday routines.

Christopher Estrella -Artistic Director


It was originally created so students could have a goal to work towards, and a showcase for their families and friends to come watch them perform.  As time went on it became apparent that the dance artist community also needed a venue where their talents, hard work, and creativity could reach the public.  Today the shows are a blend of different styles of dances, and a balance of professional and amateur dancers.  Due to its popularity, the productions continue to grow as well as the many services that C-Star Productionz offers to the public.

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